“My husband and I have been with Unconditional Love, Inc. for 24 years and in these years, we have had the best care and love from the staff and doctors. We were very happy to have had Joyce Goode as our savior, which was a blessing. Unconditional Love, Inc. has kept us alive and living a wonderful life. It’s called staying in the program and living good and healthy lives! Thank you all for being there for us and helping us when we needed it! UCL is very compassionate, patient in what they do and couldnt as for better angels in our lives! “

J & K

“Wow, this place and the people here mean so much. 21 years ago, I moved down to Florida with a six month old baby. My doctor’s office in Pittsburgh gave me two clinics in this area that could help me with my care. This place has been everything I needed: family, support, cheerleaders, and financial support. This place and the people here have been a blessing in my life. They go above and beyond for people that most people would hurry and walk by without making eye contact.”


“I’ve been a patient here since 1995. I have always treated with the upmost respect and care. Plus any new or upcoming meds were given along with any and all information regarding them.”


“This agency means a lot to me! When I was diagnosed in 2010, my life changed forever but Unconditional Love, Inc gave me hope. Since then, they have been there for me, eespecially on my worst days! Thank you very much for all you all have done for me.


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